Month: April 2016

VIPink Celebration with The American Cancer Society at Park Tavern in Atlanta

The SiupremCares Team and our Independent Insurance Agency Partners had the  pleasure to celebrate a special night honoring 2015 MSABC sponsors, teams and individuals who went above and beyond to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s fight against breast cancer.    The celebration was held at the Park Tarvrn in Midtown Atlanta.

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Over $19,000 raised for Breast Cancer Awareness & Research

With more Independent Insurance Agents participating in the Agency Challenge, there are more survivors celebrating more birthdays.
Through the end of the first quarter of 2016, SIUPREM is excited to announce over $19,000 has been committed to Breast Cancer Awareness & Research!
Our Independent Insurance Agents have helped women battling breast cancer receive:


1850 Rides to receive life-saving treatments. This ensures that women who do not have a ride or are unable to drive themselves can receive the treatments they need.

1225 Nights of Free lodging at a nurturing home-like environment called the Hope Lodge®. Sometimes getting the best care means having to travel and stay far away from home. This sanctuary allows patients and their families to focus on getting well.

4107 Look Good and Feel Better Workshops Cancer can rob a woman of her hair but it doesn’t have to take away her self confidence. This workshop teaches beauty techniques to help deal with appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment.
Not Participating in the Agency Challenge? It’s not too late! Start Making a Difference Today!

When you join the 2016 Agency Challenge your agency qualifies to become a member of the Independent Insurance Agents for a Cure Network, a new and exciting way to drive business to your agency while making a difference in the fight against Breast Cancer.

Membership Includes

A Searchable Agent Listing on
Maximum Advertising Exposure
Prominent Media Attention
Use of the American Cancer Society and Independent Insurance Agents for a Cure logo on your website and advertisements.

Start this easy and effective way to show your customers how your agency is making a difference in your community


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